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About Us

ADSIST MEDIA is a company of dedicated and experienced professionals, offering best in class customized solutions to hand-hold, guide and propel your business towards success. We handle the basic time-consuming tasks like Community Management, Bounty & Airdrop Management, Exchange Listings, Social Media Management, Translations and Custom Bots etc., so you can focus your energies on the vital and critical functions. Association with us would provide your business a synergy of effort, jointness of purpose and a symbiotic win-all situation.

We offer you a range of much-in-demand services, efficiently and effectively, at the most affordable cost thus helping your dreams turn into reality.

Our Services

Community Management

Our team of trained and specialized Community Managers will help you build, grow and manage your community with unfettered expertise. The Team will efficiently moderate all your channels and render community service 24x7, coupled with vigilant spam removal, scam prevention and fraud elimination.

Exchange Listing

Be it getting listed on trusted Exchanges or conducting IEOs to raise funds for your projects, we’ll make it happen. Through our partnerships and alliances, we ensure you get the best advantage delivered. Our personal contacts and interface with the top managements of Exchanges will assist you in securing the best deals.

Bounty Management

From bounty creation to weekly task validation, our panel of specialist bounty managers will manage it all. We create an engaging community and bring in genuine long-term members, helping your project take roots and grow exponentially.

Social Media Management

We offer turnkey social media management services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, BitcoinTalk). You can bank on our social media experts to transform your social presence with high quality content, daily activity and an ever-increasing count of followers. Attuned to the know-how, we make managing social media easy for businesses.


Our hand-picked crew of crypto and blockchain translation experts generate precise and engaging content for your audience. Armed with a global network of translators, we can translate anything from English into over 20 languages, guaranteeing full client satisfaction.

Airdrop Management

Help your community expand with our Airdrop Management Services. We make use of custom airdrop bots, crafted to perfection, making the validation of tasks a seamless, effortless and foolproof process. In addition to preparation of customized airdrops, we’ll assist you with listing on airdrop sites.

Telegram Bots

We Build custom bots for all kinds of Management, Data analysis, bounty needs, Anti-Spam bots make to delete spam, data analysis bots to have an idea of user interaction in the group, Airdrop bots to automate the process of running and managing a bounty

Our  Clients



Auditchain is world’s first decentralized continuous audit and real time financial reporting protocol ecosystem For CA's



XCRYPT is the first crypto ecosystem with an high added value with the heart in its exchange: Hybrid, ready for STO and for a marketplace made for the ERC721.


Crypto Market Ads

Crypto Market Ads is a marketplace which solves all problems related to marketing by connecting publishers and advertisers under a single platform.


XR Web

XR Web is a Blockchain powered Extended Reality Network utilizing Proof of GeoStake (PoGs) Technology to enable consumption of digital interactive contents



Dylyver is a technology corporation that is determined to develop innovative transportation and logistics solutions by utilizing the benefits mobile tech.



Bither Platform is a three-layer network that is capable of running smart contracts and different projects on all three layers.



The premiere token-based affiliate network for content creators & brands in the world. One token to shop everywhere.



NHCT is a total health management platform that is built on the philosophy of preventive rather than reactive medical care.


Rokes Commons Exchange

We've built a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies that's fast, simple and secure to give you the best crypto rates available.



We are a global cryptocurrency exchange.



CraftR is a marketplace for the future of trading digital creative assets and freelancer services powered by the blockchain.


Bitox is a decentralized trading platform that lets you trade Ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users.



A Small Business lending platform which is a License holder from Monetary Authority of Singapore.



Tradesprite is a decentralized crypto exchange which is all set to introduce a subscription fee model through native token.


Divij Sood

Founder & CEO

Daniel Driessen

Chief Operating Officer

Dawid Bochno

Head Graphics Designer

Abu Siddik

Head Bounty Manager


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